Why Astrology Doesn't Work


It's actually quite simple: Every method follows certain rules, and if I follow these rules precisely, I will obtain reliable results. Astrology, however, has been proven to completely fail in that regard!

For example, Saturn - everyone agrees - is the troublemaker in the horoscope, while Jupiter is the great benefactor. But how can it be that this rule clearly applies in one horoscope and seemingly not at all in another?

This must mean that astrology simply doesn't work... or rather, astrology doesn't work in that way


Or does astrology work after all?





If you want to assemble Ikea's evergreen called the Billy shelf, you can successfully reach your goal by following such a logical set of rules. If you adhere to the assembly plan, the same shelf will result every time. But let's be honest: Does anyone truly believe that a wisdom method, which has been shaped over millennia with the goal of making human experiences accessible in every facet, functions as logically as Billy?

The problem lies in "Billy-thinking".

  • What if the traditional knowledge of Jyotisha (the astrology and astronomy of India) possesses a depth that logic alone cannot grasp?

  • What if every field of human understanding (no matter how complex) is only a fragment of what life and its unfolding represent in currently eight billion different realities?

Then it becomes quite simple again: Our knowledge based on logic is not capable of encompassing this diversity.

But is there another way?

Imagine learning the principles of a new method while knowing that each detail you learn is like a small package. A package with symbolic meaning. The more you learn, the greater your understanding of how this symbolism unfolds under different conditions.

Astrology = Astro + Logic

Every horoscope is unique (just like every person and every situation). Horoscopes are snapshots of our solar system at a specific time and place. The construction of an Indian horoscope follows the logic of astronomy.

Symbolism comes into play when assigning meaning to the logical facts of astronomy. This meaning is by no means arbitrary, but follows fixed rules based on millennia of experience. The symbolism is the same in every horoscope but unfolds uniquely in interaction with all other elements (symbols!) of the horoscope each time.

So, in the case of Saturn, the troublemaker, in one unique horoscope, the bear may be very powerful and the problem minimal, while in another horoscope, the bear may be a gummy bear and the problem enormous.

Billy thinking generally revolves around demonstrable reproducibility (preferably double-blind). Astrology is completely unsuitable for that since no horoscope is the same, reproducibility is not an option.

When it comes to products, processes, and markets, Billy thinking is brilliant. But when it comes to recognizing individual potential and identifying opportunities and challenges before they arise, Jyotisha is unbeatable.

The wisdom tradition of India has a name for the deep, symbol-laden knowledge that is capable of capturing developments in time and space, far beyond the possibilities of pure logic. That name is VEDA.

More about Veda can be found in one of the upcoming blog posts.

Just think about it...

Look up at the sky on a clear night, far from sources of light. Do you honestly believe that we, as humans, exist completely independent of this overwhelming cosmos? Jyotisha allows us to recognize and utilize connections so that we can understand our personal power and harmonize it elegantly and successfully with natural developments. Sounds awfully superstitious, don't you think?



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