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Bernd Roessler

Are you being slowed down?

Do you really understand the power and dynamics that guide a situation? Do you use this immense knowledge when you make your decisions? Why do certain plans develop splendidly at first, only to stumble? You can change your planning so that you are not only clear in advance about what goals you can achieve, but also clear about the challenges you will encounter along the way.

The key to making really good decisions is not ever more data and facts. Instead, you need insight into the individual interplay of your inherent potential, your personal windows of opportunity for success, and the circumstances you encounter. With this insight, you will no longer stumble. However, if you lack the knowledge of this interplay, your noblest intentions and best ideas will remain a lottery game. Sometimes you'll hit the jackpot, and sometimes you'll fail, and you'll never know why.

So how do we proceed? Do we use psychological analysis or wacky aptitude tests? How do we make sure that you recognize stumbling blocks and situations no longer deceive you?

Bernd Roessler employs Vedic Wisdom Methods to support you and your aspirations.

We make decisions and plans without really considering the bigger picture of what affects our intentions. So whether we like it or not, our actions far too often resemble the trajectory of paper planes. This changes radically when you become familiar with the bigger picture in which you are operating.

Imagine having insight into how things will develop for you and only having to act accordingly. Your decisions would be so easy and you would follow your ambitions in such an inspired and purposeful way that you would wonder how you managed to get along for so long without this clarity.

I invite you into the exciting world of a 5000 year old wisdom lore where you learn to fully unleash your individual potential and to make inspired TOP decisions with the support of Indian Astrology (Jyotisha), Vedic Body-Lore (Sāmudrika), and Vedic Space-Doctrine (Vāstu).

You should live what makes you who you are, what fulfills and inspires you. Why? Because by doing so, you enrich yourself and your surroundings beyond comparison.

"I show and teach people how to use time-tested wisdom methods to achieve their goals faster and more fully."

"Where am I stuck and what can I do about it? Here you'll find clear practical solutions. It's impressive to see so clearly what's inside me and what's possible."
"Bernd's systematic perspective, combined with his empathy, allowed me to rediscover myself in a profound way. The insights I gained surpassed any AHA moment. I encourage you to try it for yourself, as the potential benefits are virtually endless. There is no risk that it won't be helpful."
"Bernd's coaching was a real eye-opener for me, empowering me to make decisions more consciously and structured with greater peace and serenity."

Bernd Roessler. Find out what's so different in what he does!

Gut, heart and mind point to success. Your plan is in place. And then reality kicks in and everything is different. Sounds familiar? How would things have played out if you had been able to embrace the bigger picture? Welcome to my world!

The one thing setting my services apart from other consultations and coachings is: It embraces the bigger picture. Whether you read an article here, participate in coaching, or take an online course, you learn to see your options in a new light and make much better decisions.

Embracing the bigger picture requires insight into your potential, your windows of opportunity for success, and the circumstances you will encounter. No analyze of trends and market dynamics is capable of doing this. It requires other methods, such as the Astrology of India and related disciplines you will find here.

I have spent far too many hours with various success strategies, none of which are able to navigate personal successes or capture upcoming circumstances. This website is designed to fill that gap. Setting goals, planning and decision-making, be it in our personal or professional lives, becomes easier, more effective and more successful when we know what's coming our way.

But that's what you'll be noticing yourself once your individual capabilities become cristal-clear and you are gaining momentum by embracing the bigger picture for yourself.

Wuerzburg / Germany

This is where I live. Wuerzburg is an old university city with young esprit. The idyllic flair of the city in picturesque Mainfranken, easily accessible by bicycle, makes Wuerzburg a place worth living and loving.

Where to start?

Start with the 3D Power Report. This is a small e-book that you can read in less than 30 minutes. It gives you a clear understanding of the three factors that will help you further unfold your success and happiness.

The 3D-Power Report is regularly complemented for you by the Newsletter InsiderTrack. Every one to two weeks, you'll get insights into passed-down knowledge. However, the InsiderTrack is not a classic newsletter to consume between your door and your desk. Instead, each issue offers practical knowledge you can integrate into your everyday life. What for? To help you powerfully unleash what's stored within you (and only within you).

The 3D-Power Report and the InsiderTrack are your commitment-free and inspiring access to my services.

Things get concrete and exciting with the consulting and coaching offers! Are you ready not only to get the ball rolling, but also to score your goal with commitment? Perfect! During our consultation and coaching sessions you will discover what you can do at which time to make your ideas come true and lead your projects to success.

Start with the 3D-Power Report. You will have read through the small e-book in just 30 minutes and will learn about the three essential factors of the Success 101: Potential, Windows for success, and Circumstances. There is an English translaton available (although the translation is anything but perfect).

I recomment you read the e-book and read it well. Click on the "Get the report" button below to receive the 3D-Power Report. Once you click on the link, you can subscribe to the Success 101 newsletter InsiderTrack and get the report absolutely free.

Die Power of my Services

"The background is that gigantic, ...somthing you have to experience."

"I have found a clear inner compass for success."

"Decision-making processes now lead to success in a funnel-like fashion."

What you can expect of Bernd Roessler ...and what you can't.

Here you will find a constantly growing selection of consultations, coachings, seminars and publications. All these products can be found in the menu under (surprise!) Products.

Take your time to look around before you book an offer. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and browse a bit on the website or in the following articles (currently the articles are only available in German language, but translations will follow asap).

You will find various inspirations for making really good decisions to implement them successfully.

You probably noticed that I don't ask you to book an offer in every paragraph on this homepage. Instead, for a website, I offer you quite a lot of text.

The reason is simple. I would love to win you over for my consultations, coaching sessions and seminars. However, not at any price, but only if you feel comfortable by first realizing the enormous potential waiting for you in my offerings.

My services are not suitable for quickly grabbing knowledge just to add a check mark behind it. Instead, it actively engages you by providing you perspectives you can ambitiously fill with life.

If this appeals to you, then let's get started and together remove the stumbling blocks so that you can successfully and happily realize your ideas.

Bernd Roessler


Bernd Roessler

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