Finally make the most

of your potential

 (and live your purpose) 

Are you falling short of your potential because you don't know your purpose?


Do you really understand the immense potential of your purpose? 

  • Why do your private and professional commitments cost you more energy than they give you?
  • Why do we find so little fulfillment in our tasks that we need concepts like the proper Work-Life Balance in order to get by?

You can change direction and find a new strategy for success to ensure that your private and professional life brings you fulfilment and strength. Power providing personal satisfaction and happiness.

The key to happiness and success is not to be found in discipline and qualifications (although both can be useful), but rather in your purpose. Once you realise that there are things that only you can do, you can discover your task in life and feel completely in your element. Without this understanding of your individual abilities, you will tend to get stuck in the same old rut.

So what’s it all about? What do we actually do in the Success 101 programme? Make you do the usual, hackneyed psychological/aptitude tests? How do we actually discover your purpose and help you to make it the centre and focus of your private and professional life? Well, Success 101 provides a compass and that compass is known as Indian Astrology.

All those who only do a job are replaceable. Those who instead follow their purpose are indispensable.

Therefore, you should know and unfold what you are capable of!

Indian Astrology is also often referred to as Vedic Astrology. The original term is Jyotish.

Thanks to Indian astrology your purpose will become as clear as daylight.

Our purpose is an extraordinary phenomenon. Everybody knows what it means, but hardly anyone finds it. Perhaps our modern society offers some magic solution? Well, unfortunately not.

Success 101 uses a tried and tested strategy derived from the ancient Indian wisdom teachings to make your purpose crystal clear.

The Astrology of India

Your purpose in a nutshell

What’s it all about?

Every method that takes account of the following 3 factors is qualified to identify your purpose and to act on that knowledge.
Indian Astrology has a 5.000-year track record, which is pretty hard to beat!

Factor 1: Potential

We get to the nub of your potential and, in the process, probably identify a few hidden abilities that you were not aware of, or were not using.

Factor 2: Time

There is a time for everything, and that includes your success. We can pinpoint windows of opportunity, when your ambitions have the greatest chance of success, while avoiding less favourable conditions, to ensure that no time is wasted.

Factor 3: Background Conditions

We can identify and analyse the most favourable background conditions for your projects and initiatives, so that you can plan and are not flying blind.

Following your purpose is not chasing rainbows! 

Your purpose is not something to dream up. It is already there, just waiting for you to seize the opportunity!

Three steps for getting started:

Step #1


Success 101 Insider-Track

Through regularly published articles you can learn tricks and tips derived from the vast body of wisdom lore to keep you on track in matters of your purpose.

Step #2


3 Powertools for Success

There are 3 essential keys to success (apart from winning the Lottery!). You should be familiar with these and able to use them before you move into the fast lane!

Step #3



In 60 minutes you will learn how to optimise your current situation. You will get valuable input regarding your purpose and how you can “turbo-charge” it.

"Where am I stuck and what can I do about it? Here are clear practical solutions. Impressive to see so clearly what's inside me and what's possible."
"Through Bernd's very systemic view, coupled with his empathy, I got to know myself all over again. An AHA effect is nothing in comparison. Try for yourself! The chance for you is almost infinite. There is no risk that it actually won't help you at all."
"So far, I have completely underestimated time and circumstances. Now I start projects only when there is a prospect of success, since potential, time and conditions are aligned."
"The Success 1x1 has given me a different view of what I can accomplish as an business owner. I am now much more composed and feel more of a constructive power and a zest for life."
"The Success 1x1 was a real eye-opener for me and has helped me massively to make my decisions more mindfully and in a well-structured fashion by being more calm and composed."
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Living your purpose has dramatic effects

It can seem like a magic pill

(Hint: There is actually no magic pill, but there is your purpose!)

  • Motivation not lethargy
  • Energy not exhaustion
  • Creativity not lack of imagination
  • Ambition not resignation
  • Decisiveness not doubt
  • Determination not hesitation
  • Being in the flow not burnout
  • Meaningfulness not monotony
  • Solutions not frustration
Standard or individuality? It is up to you!

If you decide to live your purpose, you will be part of a small group of individualists. If on the other hand, you settle for Standard, you will join the largest club on earth. This does have the advantages that you can follow a well-trodden path to success, giving you the best chance to get your eggs in the basket.

The small drawback is that you can easily be replaced by other club members with a similar background and qualifications. But there again, as your value is measured by the needs of the market and not by your inherent potential, you can avoid having to grapple with difficult questions like your calling and self-realisation.

But hold on, won’t this deprive you of that wonderful sense of satisfaction of being in your element and doing what you were meant to do:

  • of acting in accordance with your values
  • of making decisions without being plagued by doubt
  • of devoting your life and your work to the thing that you love?

But never mind. After all, there's Lake Tahoe or the Seychelles to keep you entertained and save you from too much frustration or burnout. Standard is king, no doubt about it.

A little hint: Individuality is emperor and your purpose is his throne. The views from such a throne make many a king appear like a beggar. If this outlook is of appeal to you, then the Success 101 is indeed an exciting route for you to take.

My name is Bernd Roessler

...and I wonder if it is also a mystery to you why some people are successful and others are not? And that even though the less successful are sometimes just as well or even better qualified.

This riddle and its solution were the reason why I gave up my successful career as an entrepreneur 15 years ago. Ever since, it has been far more exciting for me to advise people on how they can live their purpose.

One's purpose sounds like a pretty big concept, doesn’t it? It is after all what is unique to you, the thing that makes you who you are. But the reason it seems so challenging is quite simple. We lack effective methods for pinpointing a person’s purpose.

When 20 years ago I came across a culture that offers these very methods I was way out of my comfort zone. I have spent the last two decades immersing myself in the knowledge of that culture. And today I am still studying ancient wisdom lore with total fascination. And Success 101 grew out of the know-how that I have gained from that study, an effective way of making it possible for you to embrace and live your purpose.

One of the most important methods I use in my Success 101 consultations and coaching sessions is the astrology of the Indian subcontinent. Not only can it provide insight into the timing of your success. It is also an indispensable tool for guiding you on the path to success.

Are you still looking for the answer to the riddle? The simple truth is that the best are not always the most successful, and qualifications alone are not the decisive factor. Rather, it is a question of the right conditions and timing for you to unleash your potential. Timing and the right background conditions are the golden keys to your success. This is an important insight, and it is Indian astrology that enables you to make these conditions work for you – no more regrets about what might have been.

Are you ready to focus on the things that will bring you success and make you stronger?

Are you ready to start living your purpose?

Alright then, let’s go!

Bernd Roessler

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