The classic follow-up consultation for all existing customers

No matter whether you are exploring familiar territory or breaking new ground in a pioneering manner: If you know what to expect, you secure your resources.

Special Fokus Consultation

You've already done a Premium-Consultation
and know what to expect from the Success 101. Now, you're facing new challenges and want to make the most of your potential. What strategy will help you reach your goals? What obstacles will you encounter? When and how can you achieve your objectives?
Now it's time for a Basic-Consultation
Once again, we'll use the "transformative springboard." You bring a topic question (project, plan) to the consultation, and leave with a strategy in hand. As you're already familiar with from the Premium Consultation, transmitted and proven methods enable us to conduct sharp analyses and gain valuable insights into your progress. Afterwards you can directly start to implement.

The Basic-Consultation is a special-focus session for all existing customers

(for new requirements, to deepen a familiar topic, for new situations and opportunities)

To make important directional decisions (maybe even trailblazing decisions), you require both clarity and an overview. Being already an existing customer, you are aware of what to expect from Success 101. Therefore, the Basic-Consultation is the perfect place for you to get the guidance you are looking for.

  • On the other hand, if you have a very specific yes/no question about a particular topic, the Express- Consultation might be more suitable for you.
  • If you have not previously joined a Success 101 consultation, then the Premium Consultation is your starting point.

Here are the highlights of the Premium-Consultation:

Program highlights

  • Information about your possibilities and challenges (including potential, success time-windows, and circumstances).

Consultation time & price

  • The Basic-Consultation lasts 60 minutes.

The price for the Basic-Consultation is € 175,-

Musiker, Moderator, Wirkungscoach

"I wanted clarity and a guiding thread to make better decisions."

As a stage performer, musician, presenter, and YouTuber, I am constantly seeking to discover more about myself and evolve. To that end, I have pursued numerous opportunities to enhance my personal and professional development. However, some of these experiences have left me feeling more perplexed than enlightened. here that was different.

Bernd surprised me with an accurate description of my abilities and main characteristics,
and even of my parents, despite having no prior knowledge of them. He was also able to accurately pinpoint the challenging periods I had faced in the past. This revelation left me astonished and it instilled a sense of confidence and trust in his advice on where I currently stand and what opportunities lie ahead. Bernd's approachable, empathetic demeanor as a coach, combined with a professional distance, struck the perfect balance for me.
Bernd's main concern is to discover the truth that will drive me towards progress.
Throughout our sessions, his unwavering conviction in the accuracy of his statements has never left any room for doubt, yet I never felt like I was being lectured or coerced in any way. This is largely due to his independent and non-intrusive approach to coaching.
Having attended seminars by highly renowned success trainers,

I've incorporated the habit of formulating daily mission statements into my morning routine. Nevertheless, I frequently felt that the provided suggestions didn't truly resonate with me.

Bernd's Success 1x1 consulting, on the other hand, provided me with an external perspective that genuinely resonated with me. From my point of view, his recommendations align better with my abilities and personality than any self-conceived ideas I had prior. This is a truly remarkable outcome and provides an excellent foundation to build upon.

I know many people who invest significant time and resources to understand themselves better.

If that's true for you as well, it's definitely worth considering Bernd's consulting. It won't be overwhelming or harmful, and even if it leads to just one new realization, it will be worth it.

Personally, I used to believe that I hadn't yet reached where I was supposed to be. However, through Bernd's consulting, I realized that I am exactly where I need to be, and that was a great relief. Now, I can identify many of my less constructive behaviors early on and evaluate them more objectively.

In my opinion, this consultation is suitable for people who reach their limits,
go in circles, are dissatisfied, need to put things in perspective, or struggle with changes.
The process was very relaxed for me, and I would recommend that everyone simply let the consultation unfold.

My only task was to provide my date of birth and pictures of my hands. Bernd then shared insights about my life, personality, strengths, weaknesses, and life path.

It was a reflective experience that provided me with a sense of clarity and direction. Bernd even gave me a personalized key-phrase to help me remember the essence of the message, and we discussed a project for implementing the insights into my life. Additionally, he sent me a recording of the session.

Outcome: I felt more empowered and focused
...and I look forward to exploring other services offered by Bernd's Success 101.

Qualifying for the Success 101 Coaching Program

"To qualify for the Success 101 Coaching Program, the Premium-Consultation is mandatory. This consultation demonstrates your ability to take action, which is essential for the success of coaching. Without completing the Premium Consultation, the Success 101 Coaching Program cannot be booked."

"With the Success 101, I have gained a different perspective on my possibilities as an entrepreneur. I am now much more relaxed and feel more constructive power and joy in life."
"Where am I stuck and what can I do about it? Here you'll find clear practical solutions. It's impressive to see so clearly what's inside me and what's possible."
"The Success 1x1 was a real eye-opener for me, empowering me to make decisions more consciously and structured with greater peace and serenity."

"Do you want to stop being hindered by unexpected problems? Do you want to make successful decisions in your professional and personal life that can be effectively executed?"

I show and explain people how they can use proven wisdom methods to achieve their goals more fully and faster."

Bernd Roessler

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