Take a brief dive for ensuring clarity (for all existing customers)

The more focus, the greater the chance of hitting the bull's eye ...and that's exactly what we do in the Express Consultation.

Brief Consultation

That's not your first consultation.
As someone who's had a consultation with me before, you know what to expect and can count on clear and actionable guidance.
The Express-Consultation is perfect for you
if you have a specific question that requires clarification without delving into larger issues. During the consultation, we'll address your question with precision and provide a solution that includes all the necessary details to handle the situation confidently. Here the "transformative springboard" solely addresses your question, so you can take immediate action after the consultation. Please note that this format doesn't provide space to address larger contexts.

The Express-Consultation is a brief-consultation format for all existing customers

(for precise questions about situations, collaborations, developments)"

If you need clarity about your next step and the potential consequences to make an informed decision, my consultations can help. As an existing customer, you know what to expect, and my Express-Consultation service is ideal for addressing precise questions quickly.

  • However, if you want to thoroughly understand the larger context of an upcoming issue, we recommend booking a Basic-Consultation.
  • For those who haven't had a consultation with me before, the Premium-Consultation is your starting point.

Here are the highlights of the Express-Consultation:

Program highlights

  • Information about your possibilities and challenges (including potential, success time-windows, and circumstances) regarding your precise question.

Consultation time & price

  • The Express-Consultation lasts 30 minutes.

The price for the Basic-Consultation is € 110,-


Sexologist & Couplecoach
Stuttgart, GER

"When it comes to consultations, it can be tricky. While anyone can talk a lot, I value tangible substance."

When I feel like I've exhausted all my options, I know that an outsider's perspective can offer a fresh viewpoint. I need someone who can comprehend my situation and provide me with clear guidance. That's precisely what I get here during my consultation.

Working with Bernd, I've appreciated his willingness to raise issues that I may not have been eager to confront. However, he delivers his feedback in a way that I can readily accept. Bernd's insights are targeted towards my thought processes and individual patterns, and I can see how they can help me move forward.

Rather than pushing me in a specific direction, he guides me
towards a path where I feel comfortable. He helps me identify the issues at hand, gain insight into my patterns of thinking and behavior, evaluate my options and their outcomes, and move forward with renewed clarity. As a result, the sense of being stuck at my wit's end dissipates, and I feel empowered to take action.
The consultation has been instrumental in clarifying my range of possibilities,
allowing me to actualize my potential and pursue my individual path at my own pace."
Bernd helps uncover your potential
and encourages you to embrace it fully in your life. When I was contemplating starting my own practice, he provided invaluable guidance, affirming that it was aligned with the essence of my experiences, that I was well-suited for it, and that it was the right decision. If this hadn't been the case, he would have suggested alternative paths
In Bernd's Consultation, there's no beating around the bush
The approach is centered on recognizing and reflecting your unique essence, without judgment or labeling. Bernd's support is consistently benevolent and effective. I highly recommend Bernd's consultations to anyone seeking to make mindful and reflective decisions.
I think this consultation is well-suited for people who get to their limits,
who are facing challenges such as feeling stuck, unsatisfied, in need of direction, or struggling with transitions.

My tip: Approach the consultation with an open and curious mind, and listen to the recording again later with some distance. You'll gain valuable insights and learn a lot.

Qualifying for the Bernd Roessler Coaching Program

To qualify for the Bernd Roessler Coaching Program, the Premium-Consultation is mandatory. This consultation demonstrates your ability to take action, which is essential for the success of coaching. Without completing the Premium Consultation, the Coaching Program cannot be booked.

"With Bernd's coaching, I have gained a different perspective on my possibilities as an entrepreneur. I am now much more relaxed and feel more constructive power and joy in life."
"Where am I stuck and what can I do about it? Here you'll find clear practical solutions. It's impressive to see so clearly what's inside me and what's possible."
"The coaching with Bernd was a real eye-opener for me, empowering me to make decisions more consciously and structured with greater peace and serenity."

Do you want to stop being hindered by unexpected problems? Do you want to make successful decisions in your professional and personal life that can be effectively executed?"

I show and explain people how they can use proven wisdom methods to achieve their goals more fully and faster.

Bernd Roessler

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