Premium Consultation

For all new customers (and existing customers with a new orientation)

To navigate successfully, no matter where you are, you better know what's coming up and when.

The Premium Consultation is a kind of mini-mentoring

Losing valuable insights from a consultation can be detrimental.

You may receive helpful information to solve issues, turn the tide, or kickstart projects. However, when attempting to implement this knowledge, you may encounter obstacles that make it difficult to apply. Have you ever experienced this? Whether after consultations or seminars, the practical application of theory often hits limitations.

That's why our premium consultation is designed to be a mini-mentoring experience.

We take a different approach to help you implement the content of the consultation. Our premium consultation serves as a transformative springboard, equipping you with the necessary tools to ensure success. While you are responsible for making the leap, our consultation contains everything you need to land smoothly and achieve your goals. Consider the premium consultation as a mini-mentoring, accompanying you on your next steps towards success.

The Premium Consultation is the initial consultation for all new clients

(...and is suitable as well for ambitioned existing customers)

Welcome! If this is your first time here, we recommend starting with our Premium-Consultation for good reason. This consultation format ensures that you can systematically implement the content that arises from our traditional wisdom methods.

  • If you're interested in continuing our collaboration in the future, you may consider making use of the Basic-Consultation or the Express-Consultation, both of which build upon the foundation of the Premium-Consultation.

Here are the highlights of the Premium-Consultation:

Program highlights

  • Information about your potential, challenges, success time-windows, and circumstances
  • A personalized key phrase for ongoing orientation and focus
  • A current sample project to implement the consultation's content
  • A follow-up consultation after three weeks to optimize your implementation or define your further direction
  • Weekly progress checks between appointments through messenger app exchange.

Consultation time & price

  • The first appointment of the Premium-Consultation lasts 60 minutes.
  • The second appointment (follow-up) lasts 30 minutes.

(You book the first appointment online, and we will schedule the second one at the end of the first one.)

The price for the Premium-Consultation is € 250,-

Wiesbaden, GER

"I was looking for a solution and wanted to gain a better understanding of myself and my current situation, which I have been stuck in for a while.

I discovered Bernd and his work through a podcast, and due to the topic, I decided to spontaneously book a consultation with him.

The consultation was very insightful
Bernd was able to pinpoint my stumbling blocks and what is holding me back, taking into account my personal history.

With his relaxed yet structured, analytical approach, he explained the connections and gave me practical tools that not only sounded good in theory but that I could implement right away.

There were also some "aha" moments
about things I wasn't aware of, which initially caused confusion but made sense afterward. A major plus was that the consultation was recorded, allowing me to review the content later and fully process it.
The follow-up provided me with effective and excellent support.
As part of the Premium-Consultation, we had a follow-up call after about three weeks, where I was able to discuss any questions that had arisen since the initial consultation with Bernd.

Anyone who feels stuck or stagnant, needs clarity or an impulse in which direction to go, is absolutely in good hands with Bernd!

Qualifying for the Bernd Roessler Coaching Program

To qualify for the Bernd Roessler Coaching Program, the Premium-Consultation is mandatory. This consultation demonstrates your ability to take action, which is essential for the success of coaching. Without completing the Premium Consultation, the Success 101 Coaching Program cannot be booked.

"With the Bernd's coaching, I have gained a different perspective on my possibilities as an entrepreneur. I am now much more relaxed and feel more constructive power and joy in life."
"Where am I stuck and what can I do about it? Here you'll find clear practical solutions. It's impressive to see so clearly what's inside me and what's possible."
"Bernd's coaching was a real eye-opener for me, empowering me to make decisions more consciously and structured with greater peace and serenity."

Do you want to stop being hindered by unexpected problems? Do you want to make successful decisions in your professional and personal life that can be effectively executed?"

I show and explain people how they can use proven wisdom methods to achieve their goals more fully and faster.

Bernd Roessler

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