It all started with some big question marks

What is it that lends us wings?

My name is Bernd Roessler
...and already 30 years ago, when I was an entrepreneur, two essential questions fascinated me:
  1. Why are some people successful and others not, even though they are quite capable of keeping up professionally and factually?
  2. Why do so few people radiate happiness, even when they are successful?

It took me quite a while to find the answers. Along the way - for lack of these answers - I pushed my own luck and success to the limit several times.

The Astrology of India allows us to take a realistic look at our opportunities, so that we may avoid energy-sapping detours.

Seen a lot, learned a lot, but...

Are we searching in the right place?

I had the chance to explore and test many different approaches to find answers for my two key questions. This includes Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, TM Meditation, Kriya Yoga, and modern marketing strategies, just to name a few.
Frankly, there were some very cool concepts and suggestions in the mix. For personal development and some healthy navel-gazing, these were great experiences.
But unfortunately, my two questions have not been answered. The reason is simpel. Personal potential is only one of three crucial building blocks (as I now know).
To be a bit more blunt: this whole business about one's own potential is well and good, but it's not even half the battle when it comes to success and happiness.
So another question joined the two existing ones. There are so many offers that differ conceptually, but ultimately all ride the same wave. The wave is called: Anything is possible if you only want!
Really? So people don't succeed because they just don't want to? Sorry, I don't think so. Wrong wave. I ask instead: Are we looking in the right place when it comes to happiness and success?

Two critical factors that have what it takes to take your success to the next level.


At least this last question, whether we are looking in the right place, can be answered in a nutshell: No we are not. Because in addition to the aptly cited personal potential, we are ignoring two other very decisive factors. 
One of them is time and the other is circumstances. Only when all three interact elegantly does success occur that is predictable. You will probably agree with me that this statement is super logical and also not particularly spectacular... if it weren't for the tiny word "predictable" at the end. Now it becomes on one hand exciting and on the other problematic.  The excitement arises from the possibility of prediction (!). The problem lies in the fact that, in spite of catchy logic, no suitable instruments are available for the prediction and thus the practical use is missing.
Here are two classic statements from popular parlance, which you probably know:
  1. Everything has its time
  2. Under the right circumstances anything goes
These are wise statements proving that the topic is well old news. Unfortunately, they morph into lukewarm phrases if we can't practically apply them.
Again in other words: We know exactly what information we need to predict success. Unfortunately, we lack access to this information.
It became clear to me, therefore, that my answers would only be fully answered if time and circumstances were no longer unpredictable variables on the road to success.
Let's make sure we understand each other correctly: Success is not reduced to professional or entrepreneurial goals. Quite the opposite. Successfully leading a relationship, starting a family, studying, building or achieving a promotion are also linked to (surprise!): Potential, time and circumstances.

The solution surprised and completely convinced me!

The place where I searched and then also found answers has caused me to study astrology passionately for meanwhile 20 years, namely Jyotisha, the Indian astrology (which I have also practiced no less passionately for 15 years). The reason is plain and simple:
Indian astrology is the only source of knowledge known to me that has proven itself for thousands of years ( yep! That long!) to serve all three factors in an incomparable way.
  • With Jyotisha, I am able to explain to my clients their individual potential in a way that amazes everyone.
  • With Jyotisha it is possible for me to determine the times when success can be achieved with a tailwind.
  • With Jyotisha it is possible for me to give my clients insight into their circumstances and how to optimize them.
I have been fortunate to find in my mentor Hart deFouw an authentic source for the boundless knowledge of the Indian wisdom tradition. Astrology is a part of this world of knowledge.
At first I was quite sure that I would find the answers to my questions in some new hype. Maybe in some innovative new concepts combining insights from mental schools with some cool scientific logic. Accordingly I was amazed that I discovered the answers in the millennia-old world of knowledge of another culture. A culture that to this day passes on its knowledge from generation to generation in a vibrant way.
The paradox between my expectations and what I found can easily be summed up: Happiness and success are highly individual and never general. Concepts and scientific logic are very useful, but they are always general and not individual.
This crystal clear pinpoints the problem our modern methods for happiness and success keep stumbling upon: we are looking for generally valid concepts.
The Indian wisdom teachings manage in an incomparable way to resolve this apparent contradiction quite elegantly. Over the centuries, it has developed methods that allow us to grasp the relevant individual factors in the life of a human being and they do so (buckle up!) for the past, the present and the future.
In this ancient tradition of knowledge, the focus has been and still is on providing practical tools to serve mentioned logic: If all three relevant factors interact elegantly, success is achieved, which can be predicted.
You already know these relevant factors: Your potential, your success windows and the circumstances (conditions) you encounter.
By the way: My good fortune continues and my mentor still teaches, inspires and supports me so that I can support my clients - in this case you - on their path to success in the best possible way.

The Astrology of India allows us to take a realistic look at our opportunities, so that we may avoid energy-sapping detours.

The Decision Compass

The Astrology of India

Do you sometimes doubt whether you are really sitting on the right horse? Wouldn't there be 1000 other options? Wouldn't you be just as successful in a different setting, or even much more successful and more satisfied?
Do you often ask yourself in retrospect why certain developments were not clear to you from the beginning? How much energy and time you could have saved if you had known the dynamics of the circumstances earlier?
The Astrology of India (Jyotisha) erases these questions from the agenda. They become unnecessary the moment you access an authentic source offering this knowledge. In an incomparable way, your potential and your challenges (including time and circumstances) are decoded for you. 


Jyotisha offers you the key to a type of success with the potential to truly create happiness. Success that is based on your calling.

3 steps to your consultation

#1 Select date

You can choose your favored date from the available times. 

#2 Data entry

For the consultation I need a few data from you (e.g. your birth data)

#3 Zoom-Call

On the confirmation you will find a Zoom link for your online consultation.

What Clients say

Consulting Testimonials

  • “For the last three years I consult Bernd when I want to have more understanding or insights on certain topics, decisions or questions. To me Jyotisha is an amazing valuable tool that has helped me with for example, making more confident decisions or making me feel more relaxed with certain things in how they go. It’s always a pleasure to talk with Bernd as he is modest, truthful and very clear. I find it very important that someone is grounded and honest to the teachings. I always feel that my question is well understood and with the rich knowledge he has making it very clear in what is present. Of course, there are no guarantees, but so far, I’ve always been happy with the guidance I get. Much gratitude for Vedic Astrology and to have someone like Bernd being able to give guidance and coaching when needed, thank you!”
  • “Bernd is a fantastic astrologer, and a kind and sensitive human being. His technical expertise is vast and profound, and he skillfully articulates his findings with the right combination of confidence and simplicity. Most of all, Bernd is an ally to one’s self-understanding and self-development. A session with him is a springboard to being a more aware, wise and open-hearted being in the world.”
  • “I was talking to a friend one day about certain life questions I had and she told me about Bernd. Immediately I felt I had to contact him because I wanted to know what was in store for me, my life, my future. He’s been so helpful in many ways and has been very specific and super accurate about every little detail he told me. I’ve never had this kind of coaching/advice in my life. Till the day of today I feel calm and very happy with the tools he gave me. Thank you, Bernd, you mean a lot to us and we will be forever grateful!”
  • “I first contacted Bernd at a time, when I was challenged to make appropriate decisions about important things in my life. Bernd not only provides you clarity in such confusing times, but also encourages you to live up to your potential. I have recommended him to many people I know and have seen very positive results in their lives as well. And I will keep on recommending.”

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