How "Good Company" solves your problems (and reduces stress on top).


When he was a kid his young and talented mother was eager to continue playing Tennis, despite having a child. The solution she found was simple and pragmatic.

She took the boy with her to the tennis court, bound him to the pole of the net with a rope long enough he could crawl around, while she was improving her skills in her beloved sports endeavor.

The young boy was in the company of all it takes to become one of the best Tennis players ever in his later years. In regard to Ivan Lendl’s All-star career he was in good company early on.

Good company may start with people, but it doesn’t end there.

In Indian Wisdom Tradition “Good Company” is one of the essential principles used in many different methods and applied to multiple contexts. If you get familiar with Jyotisha Darshana (a fine blend of three outstanding methods, namely Jyotish, Sāmudrika and Vāstu) the principle of good company becomes your favored guide.

  • Example Jyotisha (Astrology of India): The moon represents nutrition. If the moon in a horoscope is influenced by a friendly planet, it is in good company, with the effect that the person in question will follow a healthy diet.
  • Example Sāmudrika (Vedic Body Lore): A person's nose indicates his or her behavior. If the nose is in line with the proportions of the face, it is in good company and the person in question will behave in a predominantly appropriate manner.
  • Example Vāstu (subtle Vedic design): A symmetrical building blending well with the picturesque landscape ensures that both the building and the landscape are in good company (which is beneficial for the residents and the neighborhood).

In the end it is often the company we join that matters.

We find support and agreement or hit all kinds of odds and hurdles depending on who or what accompanies us. This is true in our private and professional life (as it is true for planets, noses, and buildings).

Good company is complex, not reducibleto a simple “tit for tat” deal. For good company to perform in your favor asks for foresight and conscious awareness. It starts with the right attitude, continues with setting suitable impulses by proper activities, and finally becomes a patterned arrangement, a “Good Company Network”, which supports, nurtures and enhances us and our surroundings in mutual ways.

Jyotisha Darshana is a unique and time proven stepping-stone for helping you create such a network. It’s fulfilling, it’s meaningful, it’s fun. Simply put: It’s more than worth it! To get started just book your appointment. Let’s get it done!



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