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5,000 years of wisdom lore, ...for your individual potential to rock the scene!

5,000 years of wisdom lore supporting you to successfully implement your individual potential.

In order for you to...

  • pursue your vocation unerringly
  • be completely in your element
  • gain new power with every project and every task

Let's face it: for most people, their professional life is a necessary arrangement.

Don't you sometimes wonder if you really already know and live your greatest talents and best abilities?
How fulfilled and successful could you be if you were focusing on what makes you who you are and moving it onto the fast lane?

My name is Bernd Rößler

...and I have dedicated the last 20 years to finding the answers to these questions.

Prior to that, I was a successful entrepreneur, had several locations and over 20 employees, - and believe it or not: The answers I found are so convincing, exciting and time-tested that I sold my company to devote myself fully to the profound background of these answers: the 5,000 year old wisdom lore of the Indian subcontinent.
In the many years of studying ancient wisdom teachings, it became increasingly clear what causes overload, stress and dissatisfaction in our performance-oriented society.
Surprisingly, it is not the pressure to perform as such, but the lack of awareness of individual potential.

Long, white beards and a lot of philosophy?

Wisdom teachings are strategies for kings

Wisdom lore. That sounds suspiciously like long beards and a lot of philosophy. Perhaps that is why its potential is often not recognized.

In fact, the wisdom teachings of India were the privilege of kings and high nobility for thousands of years.

The reason is simple: these were the people at the levers of power. They needed effective strategies for success and made decisions of immense consequence, ...which they did best when they conscientiously resorted to the methods provided by their seasoned advisors.

Who are the kings and queens of our days?

That is, those who develop successful strategies and make decisions with significant impact?

You will not find them in the aristocracy (at least not in our latitudes). Today's magnates sit in the executive suites of business and you would probably be amazed if it became public how many of these top decision-makers rely on the tried and tested methods of ancient wisdom traditions (in Asia even more than in the rest of the world).
Yet the offer is far from cash & carry. Wisdom teachings and their methods are not for sale. Not even for top decision-makers in business and industry. For the goal is not enrichment, but healthy growth, which always addresses personal development.
Top-class ancient wisdom advisors made their services available to the full extent only to those kings who were destined to be good kings.
After all, the following credo applies to kings and business tycoons just as much as it does to you as the king of your field of decision... the way, that was the reason for me to sell my company and work as a coach and instructor today. Before that I was successful. Today I am on top of that fulfilled by my work.

And because the wisdom traditions of humanity irreplaceably support us in discovering our calling and filling it with life, the InsiderTrack gives you new insights and impulses every week for free.

Be inspired and motivated to dedicate yourself more and more to what only you have the potential to do and subscribe to InsiderTrack now.

Bernd Roessler

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