The Jyotisha Darshana

1-Year Online Course

A hands-on live course to teach you a unique blend of Jyotisha, Sāmudrika and Vāstu that will not only enable you to understand your own life's unfoldment and to unleash your personal potential (but gives you the permanent skill to do the same for any person, any time).

November 2023:

Jyotisha Darshana Course

This course is already fully booked!

Tired of wishfull thinking, unresolved problems and a foggy future?

Time for a change. Time to study Jyotisha Darshana.

Join me on a one-year adventure into the wonders of highly practical ancient wisdom lore, where you will learn to shed light on your own life and the lives of those dear to you.

1 year (125 hours): weekly 2h-sessions, intense refreshers, immersion Lab

This course will help you to

  • discover your purpose in life
  • make better decisions
  • improve your relationships
  • know what promises success and when
  • live a more fulfilling life

The Three Pillars Of Jyotisha Darshana You Are About To Study

Amazing Jyotisha

Why bother with a Metaverse, when the Universe is unveiling all you need to know? Amazing Jyotisha, the astronomy and astrology of India, is more than real and is at the core of our 1-year studies.

Stunning Sāmudrika

What if our physics provide us with a blueprint to meaningfully understand and approach life? Stunning Sāmudrika, the Vedic body-lore, utilizes body features for insight into life's mysteries ...we'll get into it!

Awesome Vāstu

How healthy and successful would your life be, if the space you live and work in would support you? Awesome Vāstu, the Vedic design, holds the knowledge you need to ensure this support's part of our studies-to-come!

The subtle explains the obvious, but the obvious can't explain the subtle.

The wise therefore know what to study.

Welcome to Jyotisha Darshana!

Course Content


  • Astronomical basics for sound sideral astrology
  • *Elements of the horoscope: Graha, Bhāva, Rāshi, Nakshatra
  • *Building insight with Lagna-, Yoga-, Amsha-, and Bhāva Vicāra
  • *Timing through Dashā- and Gocara Vicāra
  • Insider strategies to meaninfully  approach different themes of life


  • *Hasta features & markings (of the hand and fingers_
  • *Mukha features & markings (of the face and its parts)
  • *Shabda & Vākyam (expression of voice and speech)
  • Dynamic interpretation through mimic & gestures
  • Approaching body and limbs by integrating Jyotisha


  • Form & Shape of a dwelling and their effects
  • *Pañca Mahā-Bhūta and Triguna and their indications
  • *Directions and their implications for Vāstu and Vastu
  • Improvement of existing dwellings
  • Highlighting the blending of Vāstu, Sāmudrika and Jyotisha

*Graha  = planet, Bhāva = house, Rāshi = sign, Nakshatra = constellation, Lagna = ascendant, Amsha = subchart, Vicāra = examination, Dashā = planetarz period, Gocara = transit, Hasta = hand, Mukha = face, Shabda = voice, Vākyam = speech, Pañca-Mahā-Bhūta = five great elements, Triguna = three primary qualities, Vāstu = a dwelling, Vastu = a dweller

Three Kinds Of Classes Granting Your Studies Success

The Weekly

Continuous learning over a
period of one year. Each
week your knowledge will
increase in digestible bits
and pieces.

Refresher Bootcamp

We will regularly meet for an
intensive integration session
of what was covered in the three
months before. These
intensive refreshers will help
you to apply the knowledge
you gather and build in a
systematic and eye-opening

The Lab

In this special setting we
deeply embark in looking at
horoscopes which are of
high interest to the students
of this particular group. You
will be surprised how your
skills to dive deeper increase
with each of these special
Jyotisha Darshana Labs.

Schedule Of Classes

The Weekly

06.00 - 08.00pm (CET - Berlin)
12.00 - 02.00pm (ET - New York)

Refresher Bootcamp

4 x Saturday
03.00pm - 07.00pm (CET - Berlin)
09.00am - 01.00pm (ET - New York)

  • 1. January 27th 2024
  • 2. May 4th 2024
  • 3. August 3rd 2024
  • 4. November 2nd 2024

The Lab

3 x Saturday
03.00pm - 06.00pm (CET - Berlin)
09.00am - 12.00pm (ET - New York)

  • 1. March 2nd 2024
  • 2. July 6th 2024
  • 3. Ocotber 5th 2024

Get on board, but beware!

This program is highly infectious and once enrolled it will change the way you face yourself and others. In short, it could easily change how you live your life.

Jyotisha Darshana 1-Year Course

Dein lautloser

50 x Weekly Session
4 x Refresher Bootcamp
3 x The Lab

(125 hours)

€ 2.000,-

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