What if you were constantly missing out on half?


The summer holidays had begun, and soon we would be in the mountains. My parents loved hiking, and naturally, us kids would be joining them. It was fantastic for me, as each mountain became a personal challenge, with the goal of being the first one to reach the top.

However, these mountain vacations held a different experience for my sister. The longer the vacation lasted, the more tormenting each mountain became for her. Her lack of enthusiasm was as foreign to me as my own effort was to her.

How we perceive the world is only a fraction of the truth.

You don't need a mountain vacation with your sister to recognize how often we fail to understand the behaviors of others. Often, it's because we assume that everyone shares the same perspective on a given situation. But of course, that's not the case.

The true art lies in using these differences of opinion to ignite curiosity. Curiosity about what, you may wonder? Curiosity about understanding the perspectives of others that seem peculiar to us. Unfortunately, instead of doing so, we tend to:

  • Feel misunderstood.
  • Engage in discussions to persuade others of our viewpoint.
  • Feel annoyed and estranged.

Experiencing something is one thing, but truly understanding it is an entirely different matter.

How could I have convinced my sister to change her stance from "mountain hiking is torture" to "mountain hiking is cool"? The truth is, I probably couldn't have, as each of us has our own disposition, our own experiences, and consequently, our own personal ambitions.

Changing our personal attitudes may lead to resonating more with certain individuals while losing recognition from others. However, such gains are meager until our underlying understanding evolves.
The primary goal isn't to switch our positions but rather to expand our perspectives and increase our understanding of alternative viewpoints. As a child, this concept was quite foreign to me, rendering my sister's belief that "mountain hiking is torture" incomprehensible.

Does this mean we should develop understanding for everything that bothers us? That would be naive and counterproductive. Whenever an opinion or action jeopardizes the freedom and well-being of humanity and nature, our interest and benevolent understanding should significantly diminish. Do you agree?

A sound strategy for creating problems

Let's take it a step further and explore how we can use this one-sided perception game to our advantage. Yes, you read that correctly. Often, we hinder our progress because we inadvertently obstruct ourselves in our pursuit of personal growth.

We have a tendency not to recognize or leverage the skills we possess. Do you recall the headline of this article? "What if you were constantly missing out on half?" The abilities we are unable to see constitute the half that eludes us.

Allow me to provide an example from my coaching practice:

Thomas repeatedly struggled to earn recognition within his circle of acquaintances and work environment. On the contrary, he was frequently accused of being overly critical and having a negative outlook.

Through the use of Jyotisha (Indian astronomy & astrology) and other wisdom methods I employ, the perceptions of the people in his surroundings were confirmed. However, what both they and Thomas failed to grasp was the potential that lay beneath his constant criticism. They were missing out on half.

Transforming weaknesses into strengths

Thomas possessed a remarkable level of rational intelligence, enabling him to swiftly analyze connections and systematically identify flaws. Nevertheless, he lacked an understanding that the individuals around him did not share this particular capability.

Through Jyotisha, we were able to pinpoint and improve his communication shortcomings, as well as enhance his comprehension of the different thought processes of those around him.

What had previously manifested as a problem (his rational intelligence) is now utilized by Thomas in a new job to optimize and guide processes. This skill, which he has significantly developed, garners him much recognition.


There's a good chance that you're in a similar situation as I am: When I fail to consciously focus on it, different perspectives and opinions from people in my surroundings often result in futile attempts at persuasion (from either side).

These attempts make sense when the motivations behind those perspectives of the other party are rooted in pure self-interest that harms the common good. However, if that is not the case, by adhering to our personal convictions, we miss the opportunity to explore an interesting Weltanschauung that can meaningfully expand our understanding and broaden our horizons.

Developing a willingness to be curious about alternative, previously unknown perspectives sharpens an ability that significantly enhances our own quality of life: the ability to discover dormant talents within our greatest personal challenges (which often manifest as complexities and accusations from others) and to awaken and cultivate them.

The inspired task at hand

With the help of Jyotisha and its related methods such as Vāstu (environmental design) and Sāmudrika (body features), your potential and abilities can be clearly recognized and expanded. And that is precisely what is needed for you to intentionally unfold what aligns with you and what is reserved for you.

Understanding why my sister couldn't develop the same enthusiasm for mountain hiking as I did is one thing. Every coin has two sides. However, utilizing this coin-game to avoid becoming a victim of my challenges and instead grow to the best of my ability is an entirely different matter.

If you need support in addressing the same tailored to your situation, please don't hesitate to reach out, and let's get started (or let’s continue from where we left off last time).

Good luck & see you soon! :-)



Bernd Roessler

Ich zeige und erkläre Menschen, wie sie bewährte Weisheitsmethoden nutzen können, um ihre Ziele umfassender und schneller zu erreichen.

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