Who Explains Your World To You?

It's incredible how quickly we were able to adapt as children.

When children grow up, they face unknown situations every day that they must master. Just as you, as a little being, get used to being able to kick and box and reliably find nourishment at your mother's breast, the world becomes more dynamic. You begin to move around and have to learn how to bring your hand to your mouth to feed yourself.

Next, the spatial dimension in which you experience your world changes. From the horizontal, you gradually move more and more into the vertical, from the floor to chair height and table height. Your perspective continuously changes with your growth and mobility.

And all the while, you engage with your changing environment, learning to draw attention to yourself through gestures, facial expressions, and sounds, until you can recognize and learn language patterns. This journey of learning continues for many, many years.

Throughout this entire time, you have people around you who can provide guidance, answer your questions, and provide orientation. People like your parents and teachers who are familiar with what is unknown to you and can therefore offer you perspectives.

Of course, this process may have been smoother for some of us than others, and some may have had to struggle to make progress or lacked support.

But what about today? As adults?

Is the scenario really that different? Of course, our physical development is mostly complete, but what about situations we're unfamiliar with?

Let's be honest, most of the problems we face as human beings (and you're blessed if you don't have any) arise from having to make decisions in situations we have never encountered before.

Where can you find help and support from people who can provide guidance in this situation? What should you do now to set things up as well as possible? How should you behave in this relationship crisis? Where and when will you finally find a better job, and what should you do until then? Will you get the house that you and your family desperately need? What can you do to improve your financial situation?

A lot of unknown territory, little orientation.

Imagine if the supportive framework described earlier from childhood and adolescence were still available to you today. You would receive answers that provide clear orientation and help you navigate through your personal life as effectively as possible.

Imagine if you lived in a society and culture where wisdom is present. Where certain individuals have the task of supporting you so that you can align and utilize your strength and potential to the best of your ability in the situation you find yourself in.

Jyotisha supports you in finding (and not searching like Google & Co.)

In the ancient Indian tradition of wisdom, it has always been the task of Jyotisha (Indian astronomy and astrology) to show how things will unfold for you and what you can do to seize opportunities and mitigate challenges.

We live in a modern world where we prefer to Google answers to our questions or find them through other algorithms. It is indeed astonishing how much knowledge we can access at the touch of a button. However, clarity about how things will unfold, let alone how they will unfold specifically for you, remains elusive.

So what do you do? Who explains your world to you? Here is a possible solution: The ancient Indian tradition of wisdom is the oldest known to humanity that is still actively practiced today (for at least 3,000 years).

In a significantly shorter time - just under 20 years - I have had the privilege of learning from my mentor Jyotisha and other related methods to provide this knowledge to people like you.

Therefore, if you do not belong to the small group of people who have no questions or problems and have no interest in fully realizing their potential, let's find answers and solutions for your concerns.

Simply get in touch. Call me, send me a message via Messenger or email, and let's find a time for you to get started as soon as possible, so you can better recognize and seize your opportunities.

Of course, you can also book an appointment online at any time.

Warm regards, Bernd Roessler



Bernd Roessler

Ich zeige und erkläre Menschen, wie sie bewährte Weisheitsmethoden nutzen können, um ihre Ziele umfassender und schneller zu erreichen.

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