Why Hedgehogs Dismiss Christmas Cookies

Light is the fuel that ignites our life force, and those who align themselves with its natural patterns can amplify and expand their vitality. It's not just about the duration of our exposure to light, but rather the intensity of its illumination. As the sun's strength noticeably wanes in October, some creatures instinctively retreat into hibernation.

The hedgehog, for instance, embodies this phenomenon by first accumulating excess body fat before slowing down its metabolism and settling into autumnal slumber. It's a wise strategy, as Christmas finds it deeply asleep – for the hedgehog, this is a time of conserving energy rather than expending it. The diminished sunlight during this season would leave it weakened and ill-equipped to navigate the treacherous outdoor world, unable to stockpile energy reserves to survive prolonged periods without sustenance.

Unlike the hedgehog, we humans often fool our bodies with fairy lights and well-lit rooms, masking the natural decline in light intensity. This can lead to a build-up of excess body fat, but we seldom utilize it as effectively as the hedgehog for essential emergency reserves.

As we move farther away from the equator, it becomes increasingly challenging to align our sleep patterns with the natural cycle of light and darkness. However, even in these circumstances, we have a wide range of possibilities available to us for using our energy appropriately.

The onset of colds in autumn is often attributed to decreasing temperatures. But what if, alongside the increasing chill, the reduced sunlight intensity also naturally diminishes our vitality? In that case, we probably shouldn't follow the hedgehog's example and dive headfirst into hibernation, but we should at least heighten our senses for meaningful activities.

In Jyotisha (Indian astrology), the sun represents health, organization, and expansion. During this time of long shadows, it's advisable to thoughtfully address these three themes. It's not about pausing our lives altogether, but rather adjusting our stride length in our planning phase.

The winter solstice is approaching, marking the darkest moment of the year.

But take heart, for the days will soon noticeably lengthen, and with the increasing duration of sunlight, the light intensity will also rise, generously providing us with more energy.

Children, with their physical development and (hopefully) mostly healthier sleep rhythms, are much better prepared for the Christmas season than we adults. Two keywords breathe meaning into the preceding sentence: Christmas cookies and roast goose.

If we can understand how to appropriately enjoy the peak of the dark season, instead of feeding those excess body fat, it not only affects our vitality in the upcoming (still quite dark) two months but also strengthens our ability to organize and implement planned progress.

May you have a beautiful Christmas season filled with joy, warmth, and a renewed sense of vitality!



Bernd Roessler

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